Our beautiful slice of paradise.

Just because we live in smaller communities doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have access to digital marketing services typically reserved for bigger cities like Missoula. 

"My favorite state has not yet been invented.
It will be called Montana, and it will be perfect."

- Abraham Lincoln, 1864

We’re a close knit group of people in the Bitterroot Valley. It doesn’t matter if you live in Hamilton or Victor, if you just recently moved here or you’re a 5th generation Bitterrootian, we’re all considered family. We sit next to each other at community events, cheer together at the rodeo and even help each other out in a time of need. There’s a sense of community and friendship amongst those that call the Bitterroot Valley home.

That’s what make it a great place to work and do business as well. The Bitterroot Valley doesn’t have a lot of big box stores. We’re made of several mom-and-pop stores that help create the small-town atmosphere that we yearn for. It’s part of what draws people here to shop, to work and to play.

But just because the Bitterroot Valley doesn’t have big name stores doesn’t mean that small businesses can’t grow and reach their ideal customers. That’s why Touch Point Digital Marketing & Designs works with small businesses reach their ideal customer to grow their business. I’ve helped the Bitter Root Humane Association in Hamilton with a new, professional website. I worked with Bitterroot Shedz in Stevensville to be seen with an optimized Google My Business listing. I’ve created a number of videos for Bitterroot Bouncers to help show their customers how much fun an indoor bounce house can be.

Whether you’re new to the Bitterroot Valley or you’ve been here for years, put down some roots. Start a new business or grow the one you currently have with digital marketing that works for small businesses like yours.

Bitterroot Valley
The Bitterroot River looking south towards Hamilton, MT

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